Our gal zarnia_oldham's version of the @erewhonmarket smoothie

3 x scoops of @seapeopleicecream choc seamoss ice cream
1 cup of @boringmilk oat
Half a banana
1 scoop of @twoislandsco protein
1 teaspoon of @soulshinespores mushroom powder
1 tablespoon of @evewellnessco_ blood sugar babe
1 tablespoon of Cacao
Coconut cream

Half cup of dark choc
Coconut cream
To make sauce slowly melt the choc and coconut cream (I just do mine over a bowl of boiling water/ Bain marie) stir until glossy

Coconut whip
Coconut cream
To whip coconut cream ensure it has been chilled and the bowl you are using is also cold.

Add all the ingredients into your blender and blend well. While that is blending, squirt your coconut cream around the edge of your cup/ glass and use a spatula to smear it around the walls. Drizzle your choc sauce around the edge of your glass. Fill cup with blended smoothie, top with whipped coconut cream, remaining choc sauce and sprinkle with dark choc bits.
This smoothie will help you glow from the inside out while supporting a healthy mind.

I like to put my coconut cream and choc sauce into squeezy bottles if I’m making it for more than one smoothie

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Beauty Blend - Innerbloom

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