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About Soulshine Spores Mushroom Blends

Soulshine Spores are a premium range of functional mushroom blends. They are the ultimate wellness supplement that's designed to improve and maintain your overall wellbeing, enabling you to be the best shining version of yourself.

Our mushroom blends have been crafted with your health, wellness and bliss in mind, both our AM Blend & Beauty Blend have an array of supercharged health benefits, with a subtle yet delicious taste they can be easily mixed into your favourite hot or cold drinks, smoothies, breakfast cereals & even into your baking, broths, beans, burritos, bologneses or into your butter for your brekkie bagel.  

Soulshine Spores Adaptogenic Blends are designed to empower, enhance & elevate you, nourishing you from the inside out, allowing your soul to shine!


Why did you create Soulshine Spores?

My name is Suzie, and I am the Founder of Soulshine Spores, a health brand born out of my passion for optimal health and wellness. My goal is to positively impact people's lives by providing natural solutions that help maintain, support, and achieve optimal health. With five years of experience working at a five-star health retreat in Bali, I witnessed the toll that stress and burnout can take on people's health. It became clear to me that prioritizing our well-being is essential to living our best lives. I discovered the powerful benefits of the Lion's Mane mushroom after suffering from brain fog, recommended to me by a colleague, the wellness expert on Retreat, which sparked my curiosity about other types of mushrooms and their potential to promote optimal health. At Soulshine Spores, we're committed to sharing these natural solutions with others so they can become the best version of themselves every day.

High-quality, all-natural adaptogenic mushroom blends

Soulshine Spores offers high-quality, all-natural adaptogenic mushroom blends that can help people achieve their wellness goals and improve their overall well-being. Our objective is to increase the prevalence of functional mushrooms in New Zealand by providing exceptional blends that empower individuals to achieve optimal health and radiance.

We believe in the transformative power of mushrooms, which have helped us overcome our own health snags, from eliminating brain fog, a natural energy booster, and creating a happier gut. Our mission is to share the magic of mushrooms with the world through our blends and to hear feedback from our customers as they experience their own health-enhancing benefits. We are proud to be building a brand that makes a meaning difference to peoples health.

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Where are the Mushrooms Sourced?

We take the quality of our functional mushroom blends very seriously and have gone to great lengths to ensure that we source them from the best supplier possible. After an extensive eight-month search globally, we found a supplier based in China who meets our high standards for quality and reliability.

Certified organic & premium quaility

Our supplier is certified organic and provides premium quality, dual-extracted mushrooms with no additives or fillers. We have thoroughly vetted our supplier and have obtained USDA documentation and other certificates for food safety and quality management. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards, we have conducted virtual tours of the factory to confirm that all of our requirements are met.

Mushroom blends are tested by AsureQuality

Additionally, we have our products tested by AsureQuality in New Zealand, and our results consistently surpass those of other brands. We take pride in knowing that our mushrooms are of the highest quality and provide our customers with the best possible health benefits.

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Do you subscribe to the idea of a circular economy?

Yes, we believe that a circular economy is essential for creating a sustainable future, and we are committed to adopting this concept in our business practices.

As a newly established business, we understand the importance of taking proactive steps to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainability. While we are still in the process of developing and implementing our sustainability policies, we are constantly working towards improving our practices and finding new ways to reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote a circular economy in everything we do.


Soulshine Spores Sustainability policies

At Soulshine Spores, we are committed to implementing sustainability policies where possible to reduce our environmental impact and promote a more sustainable future.

We're using Better Packaging for our Shipping

We have already taken a step towards sustainability by using Better Packaging for postage satchels.  Better Packaging is a brilliant innovation supplying certified home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel that are partly made from plants, as well as reusing ocean plastic pollution.   

We strive for the best protection and preservation for our mushroom blends

Unfortunately our product pouches are not home-compostable.  We chose to use a food-grade pouch (internal compartment of our pouches is lined with food-grade plastic) for our organic and 100% natural products (which have no additives or fillers) to ensure the highest quality and superior protection against micro-oxygen, moisture, and light transmission through the walls. These factors can degrade the quality of our Soulshine Spores blends over time, and we didn't want to compromise on their quality.

While brown pouches with a "natural" look may appear more organic and authentic (often coated paper over plastic), they are highly porous to these degrading factors and cannot offer the same level of protection. As a result, they can reduce the potency and quality of our blends.

We chose these types of pouches to provide the best protection and preservation for our blends. We understand and believe that sustainability is important, and we are continually exploring ways to improve our packaging while maintaining the highest quality of our products.  It's a continuous work in progress for us. 

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Soulshine Spores Partner Policies

At Soulshine Spores, our partner policies are driven by our passion for health and wellness. Our supplier based in China is certified organic, offering premium quality, highest potency, dual extracted, and contains no additives or fillers.

High quality & most effective functional mushroom blends

Our objective is not only to offer high-quality blends but also to establish a rewarding and sustainable business that positively impacts the health and well-being of our customers. By sourcing our products from the best supplier and ensuring that all standards are met, we can provide our customers with the highest quality and most effective functional mushroom blends available.

Our partner policies reflect our commitment to promoting health and wellness

We believe in transparency and are committed to partnering with suppliers who share our values and beliefs. Our partner policies reflect our commitment to promoting health and wellness while establishing a sustainable business that positively impacts people's lives.