Why Mushrooms?

Did you know that mushrooms provide powerful adaptogenic properties? Our Soulshine Spores blends are made from 100% organic and natural mushrooms. These help our bodies to deal with stress, support immunity, boost energy levels and help to enhance both physical and cognitive performance.

Completely vegan, we carefully source our mushrooms to ensure they are the highest quality and potency. Our blends also contain no additives or fillers, and are gluten free - to help you to connect to your highest state of being.

About Our Mushrooms


Beauty Blend - Innerbloom

Tremella -  reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system,  promotes glowing skin & supports hair health, this is the mushroom that makes you blossom from the inside out.

Shiitake - supports cardiovascular health, healthy digestion for a happier gut,  boosts immune system & supports glowing skin.  

Chaga - to help strengthen your immunity & aid your body’s natural detoxification systems, with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Mushroom blends benefits icons
Mushroom powder blends benefits

AM Blend - Rise & Shine

Cordyceps - for an energy boost, the get up and go, a performance enhancer & powerful immune booster.

Turkey Tail - to support a healthy happy gut & boost digestive health. Containing just what your gut microbiome needs to thrive, improving your general wellbeing.   You’ll be on a health high! 

Lion's Mane  -  to switch on the brain, enhancing cognitive function, improved clarity & focus, as well boosting energy levels and vitality.  The Lions Mane is the king of benefits in the mushroom kingdom.

AM Mushroom blends Icons
AM Icons of Mushroom powder blends